Thursday, January 26, 2006

Deja Feces...

... or, I think I've seen this crap before.

In my prior position with the corporation that I work for, I survived at least four major reorganizations/layoffs unscathed. Now, my current division is doing the reorg thing and I'm aware of at least four or five people who are being "downsized," although they aren't in my department. We won't know how we're going to come out of the reorg for another couple of weeks. I don't think my job is in jeapordy, but you never know.

In the interim, I posted an ad on for my sideline consulting work to try and drum up a little more business, and worked on my resume tonight.

Oh, the joys of working in corporate America.


Anonymous said...

You can always go back to lying for money. After all $8000 per hour sounds pretty good. (Based on payments of the tobacco suits by the Attorney General of the State of Ohio to one law firm for 28 days work) Of course you seem a bit, morally handicapped for the job.

Who doesn't like the current legal system at all.

Dave Markowitz said...

Thanks Geoff.

There are good, ethical lawyers out there. It's just that 90% give the remaining 10% a bad name.