Friday, January 13, 2006

From the CLUELESS IDIOT Department

This guy isn't just an antigunner, he is technologically clueless:

Saying gun manufacturers should take steps to track guns, a Boston city councilor is proposing that global positioning technology be installed in firearms.

Councilor Rob Consalvo wants to put a tracking device into newly manufactured guns and have legal gun owners retrofit their firearms so owners and police can locate and retrieve stolen guns the same way police use a computer chip to locate stolen cars.

Just where does Consalvo think you'd be able to fit a GPS unit onto a gun? These things aren't the size of postage stamps, you know. Moreover, such devices require electricity. I suppose criminals are going to make sure that a stolen gun's GPS unit is fully powered.

How much do you want to bet that if GPS trackers were added to guns, that the bad guys won't figure out a way to disable them in less than two minutes?

I'm surprised Consalvo remembers to breathe if he really thinks this is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

While I agree this is a stupid idea, technologically, it might be possible. See this:

Anonymous said...

The idea of tracking Stolen weapons is a good one. I mean, if someone steals something from you you likely want him to be caught. Preferably before he uses it (remember it still has your finger-prints on it).

But it should be an option you can choose when you buy it. Or something like those 'trigger locks' that you can install when not using the gun.


Anonymous said...

and want to bet the crooks will use this to find where the best guns are to steel them!!!

Anonymous said...

The technology is already available. It is a small chip that will soon be on everything from potato chips to cars. It should be on guns. Not optional and retrofitting required.

Dave Markowitz said...

You still have to power the chip and like any electronic device, disabling it will be trivial.

There are literally hundreds of millions of firearms in the US. How exactly do you expect to enforce it?

Moreover, mandating its use on firearms amounts to taxing a fundamental right.