Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Revisiting Fink

This morning I installed Fink on my iBook with the aim of loading several open source apps. I've used Fink previously but ran into several difficulties, but it looks like the developers have greatly improved things.

After installing Fink and updating it, I installed Fink Commander, an easy to use GUI interface to Fink's underlying Debian-type system. Then I loaded nmap, my favorite port scanner and the Gimp open source image editing tool. I'd installed shortly after I got the iBook, but a subsequent OS-X update killed it. It seems to be running OK now. For the simple image editing I do (i.e., mainly resizing or removing red eye), the Gimp works great and runs a lot faster than Photoshop.

The final app I installed through Fink was the protocol analyzer Ethereal. Installation appeared to go OK but I'm getting errors when i try to run it. E.g., I'm seeing "Image not loaded." I did a little googling to find a fix but don't have it working yet. If I do find one I'll post it here.

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