Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday again?


Saturday I spent an hour or so redoing the repair job I started a week ago yesterday on one of our toilets. It had been running constantly and I decided it was time to replace all the innards. So, after getting a refurb kit from Lowe's I took the thing apart and replaced everything. Unfortunately, after I was done I had a very small, slow leak. By the time I was finished I was pooped and didn't get to look at it again until this weekend, largely due to being under the weather for most of the week.

I'd intended to take the toilet apart and slather the threads on all the plumbing with pipe joint compound, until I read the can which said to not use it on plastic threads. So, instead of pipe dope I used some Teflon plumber's tape, and that seemed to work well. I also omitted a cardboard washer which went between the plastic nut for the pipe leading from the tank to the bowl, since it appeared to be a leaky point. That seemed to take care of it. Plumbing work sucks and I have the utmost respect for plumbers.

I didn't really do anything "productive" yesterday, although I was able to spend time with the girls, always a good thing.

Last night after some googling, I ordered an adapter which will allow me to mount the Hakko AR-15 carry handle mount scope directly to the flat top of my Colt AR-15A3. When mounted on the carry handle, the scope is too high to get a good cheek weld, unless you add a cheekpiece to the stock, which I don't want to do. The CH mount scope would work better on an A1 or A2 upper, without the detachable CH, since it's a bit lower.

Anyway, the flat top adapter is made the Leaper's MNT-996, not exactly top-shelf gear but we'll see how well it works. I figured for $19.99 plus S&H it was worth a try. I couldn't find a similar adapter made by anyone else. I ordered it from Cope's Distributing, and will post a follow up after I receive it and try it out.

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