Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More on the port deal

Continuing our Bizzaro World discussion, it looks like there may be legal action to stop the sale of six US ports to a company based in Dubai. And, it looks like I'm in the same camp with Senators Clinton and Menendez -- two people who I normally despise as statists of the worst kind -- on this issue. No wonder I'm stuck at home today with misbehaving sinuses, I'm have an allergic reaction to this lunacy.

On top of all that, Jimmy "Peanut Farmer" Carter is on the side of Bush on this matter. Given Carter's foreign policy track record while in office, this is a clear sign that the Bush administration is doing the wrong thing.


Anonymous said...

It seems the company is not just based in Dubai, it's owned by the UAE government.

Who has serious questions about a Government controlling access to the US of A!

Anonymous said...

I have many family friends in the region, but I do not trust their governments. We can't trust the Saudis either.