Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Light blogging

Yes, blogging has been light around here of late. I was busy with the kids last weekend, took a CLE class yesterday (PBI's Internet Law Update), tomorrow I need to stay home with Amanda who's sick, and will be taking another CLE class Thursday and Friday.

Today I was in the office and managed to squeeze in a meeting with a prospective vendor, a few informal speed tests of two gateways, and a conference call covering an upcoming network migration. I also tried to sign up for an in-house CCNA class in May but something is wrong with my login to our intranet site and the scheduling calendar would not display.

Other projects I'm working on include an spam and advertising policy for a web BBS of which I'm an admin, another article for Techbuilder.org, and looking into a business venture.

So if you're wondering about intermittent activity around here, now you know why.

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