Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mozilla Still Shunned in the Enterprise

There's an interesting article here discussing why Mozilla is still shunned in the enterprise. As mentioned in the piece, a lot of it has to do with IE-only intranets, but in my experience, it's mostly on the mail side where there's a problem.

At my employer, our intranet sites require Internet Exploder. However, a lot of people here use Firefox for the rest of their web browsing, and of course it works just fine for non-Intranet sites. For email though, which includes shared calendaring, we need an Exchange client. Thunderbird doesn't cut it, since neither POP nor IMAP are enabled on our Exchange farm. Even if they were, the shared calendaring for setting up meetings wouldn't work without an Exchange client. Even Microsoft's non-Outlook Exchange client (Entourage on the Mac) has its quirks. For example, I find that Entourage doesn't properly update my calendar all the time. I can accept a meeting but then when I go into Outlook on my Dell, an unaccepted invite remains in my Inbox. Even MS can't get its proprietary standards to work properly across platforms.

As long as enterprises remain tied to Windows-centric apps, we're going to be stuck with this.

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