Monday, June 12, 2006

Got fire?

Yesterday I learned how to be a BBQ grill mechanic.

A couple of weeks ago the piezo electric ignitor died on our four year old gas grill. (Had it been up to me, we would have a charcoal grill, but Judith bought it with some birthday money so I had no choice.) I was still able to use the grill but had to light it with one of those long kitchen lighter things. After singing some hair off my hand when lighting it I decided that it would be smart to install a new ignitor.

So, I picked up a new ignitor at Lowe's. After taking the grill apart I saw that the part of the burner bar where I'd be installing it was rusted away, so back to Lowe's I went for a new burner bar.

With all the parts in-hand, I actually RTFM and replaced the old stuff. I turned on the gas, crossed my fingers, and pushed the ignitor button a few times.


After letting the propane gas dissipate I rummaged around in the grill and discovered that the new ignitor electrode seemed to be touching its mount, which prevented spark generation. So I rearranged it, snugged down a bolt, and tried again.



Dinner last night was BBQed filet mignon and boneless chicken breasts, washed down with Yuengling Lager, a fine wrap up to the weekend.

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