Thursday, June 22, 2006


Yet another sinus infection, hence the minimal blogging around here.

Before having kids in daycare I rarely got sinus infections. Now it seems like it's every couple of weeks. This sucks.

Now, if I could just come with an industrial use for snot, I'd be all set.


Anonymous said...

Curious isn't it that it's always a sinus infection. Never a cosinus or tangens infection.


Don Armstrong said...

I can tell you, it don't take kids in school to do it. I'm way past that and I'm still suffering this instant. In fact, what shape are your teeth in? Tooth infection = sinus infection. Fix teeth = sinus infection gone. Seriously.

Dave Markowitz said...

My teeth are in great shape. I take dental health seriously since gum disease runs on my mom's side. I go to the dentist every 6 months, the last time was only a couple of weeks ago, AAMOF.

In my case I'm sure it's all the crap that comes home from the daycare.