Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eudora as an IMAP client?

I would appreciate it if any of my readers who have recent experience with Eudora as an IMAP client (not as a POP3 client) would let me know what they think. I've used Eudora as a POP client and it works well. I haven't tried it recently with IMAP and I'm thinking of doing so.

Primary use would be on OS X, but I might use it on XP for those occasions I'm working on Bagend, my Althon box running XP.

I've tried Apple's as an IMAP client and it sucks for that, although it maybe an OK POP client (I don't know). When accessing mailboxes via IMAP, is slow and fails to properly expunge deleted messages.



Bob said...

I'm using Thunderbird for my IMAP client. Works good. Available for Mac also. A recommended try.

Sorry no Eudora comment. Haven't used it in years.

Dave Markowitz said...

I'm actually using Thunderbird for IMAP on both XP and OS X. I'm looking to see if Eudora might be better.

Thanks anyway.