Monday, July 17, 2006

Eudora Not Good for IMAP In My Opinion

Well, I gave Eudora another shot as an IMAP client. Actually, two shots.

On my iBook, Eudora 6.0.2 repeatedly crashed when trying to sync with my mail at On Bagend, running XP Pro, Eudora 7 was atrociously slow in syncronizing with, which is on the same 100BaseT LAN.

Back to Thunderbird it is.

I keep toying around with going back to retrieving my email via POP3, using a client on the iBook. I do like Eudora's interface and feature set, and in the past I ran it for awhile on Windows. It worked well as a POP client, good enough that I might be tempted to go for the paid version. It stores email in standard mbox format, so migration to another MUA is pretty straightforward. I once migrated from Eudora to KMail without to many issues.

I need to think about this some more.

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Bob said...

What don't you like about Thunderbird?