Monday, October 16, 2006

TSA Rant

Since I'll be flying out to Chicago for the SCTE conference this afternoon, I had to go through my laptop bag and remove all the contraband. The major items were my Gerber Multiplier and Victorinox CyberTool 41, along with a few other assorted things. And to comply with the new TSA rules regarding bringing fluids on planes, I put my allergy meds, eye drops, etc. into a single one quart Ziploc bag.

I feel so much safer knowing that nobody on the plane will have any knives or unbagged toothpaste. {/sarcasm}

The TSA's rules are fucking bullshit and I will rant about them every time I need to fly. Taking away potential weapons from all the passengers makes nobody safer. The bedwetter's mantra to always cooperate with hijackers netted us the loss of two airliners and the WTC on 9/11/01. Only the heroics of the Flight 93 passengers that grim day saved lives -- obviously not on the plane but on the ground. More recently, that line of "thought" has facilitated gunmen being able to take over schools.


Predators are deterred ONLY by knowing that their aggession will be resisted. Why is this so hard for most liberals to understand?

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Anonymous said...

The only reasonable measure actually is the limitation on liquids and toothpaste [grin]. Cause it's hard defense/counter against explosives. With guns or knives you or someone else can fight back to limit the damage. With explosives you cannot.
So, I'd give all passengers a gun but take away their toothpaste and eye-drops.