Thursday, December 21, 2006

Marlin 336 Update

My Brownell's order with things for my Marlin 336 arrived yesterday. I got the sling mounted, the scope mounting holes filled, and the replacement rear sight elevator installed. I also used the Birchwood-Casey cold blue to cover up the scratched areas on the metal -- a spot on the receiver and a fairly large scrape on the magazine tube. It looks like the scrape was caused by the front sling swivel base (which clamps to the tube) got knocked.

I couldn't mount the Lyman Model 66 receiver sight, however. According to the box it's the right unit but the mounting holes in the base do not match the holes drilled and tapped on the left side of the Marlin's action. Grrrr.

I'm debating whether to return it and just get a Williams sight which attaches to the scope mounting holes, or take a drill to the base of the Lyman. No matter which, as long as the weather cooperates I'm taking the 336 to the range next week while I'm on vacation.

2 comments: said...

SO, didja kill anything with the 336? I got one in November; after years of hunting with muzzleloader and .270 I upgraded and went retro at the same time. I love this Marlin; short, handy, shoulders nicely, absolutely hammers the deer. Added my muzzleloader's 1-4x32mm scope, and put five in the freezer. Yippee. Hunting with a levergun is just... better.

Dave Markowitz said...

I haven't killed any game with it yet. I just shot it for the first time on Saturday. Hopefully this year!