Saturday, March 03, 2007

Heading to Denver Tomorrow

I am flying to Denver tomorrow to attend the CableLabs Winter 2007 Conference this week. I'll be flying home Wednesday.

While packing tonight I had to sanitize my laptop bag, which I carry on, to avoid getting flagged as a terrorists. The items I normally carry which I had to remove include my Gerber Multiplier, Victorinox CyberTool 41 SAK, and a lighter. All but the lighter got put in the duffle which I'll be checking; you can no longer take lighters or matches on airplanes in the US. But for the fact that you can no longer take pocket knives on airplanes, I wouldn't have check any luggage.

I also carry things like Afrin, a tube of Neutrogena hand lotion, Visine, and Purell in my laptop bag. Those have to go into a one quart Ziploc bag.

Stupid fracking TSA regulations.

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Jeff said...

Actually, you can take matches on a plane, just no lighters.

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