Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Homeward bound

I'm killing time in Denver International Airport (DEN). I got here well ahead of time so I could check my bag and clear security. A little while ago I learned my flight is delayed at least an hour and 45 minutes. It's probably due to the weather in Philadelphia. I'd much rather wait in the terminal than onboard the plane.

DEN has WiFi provided by AT&T for $7.95 per day, which is reasonable. Even if I don't get reimbursed by my employer I can deduct it from my taxes, so while I'd rather have free WiFi, I'm not complaining. It's reasonably fast and I've been able to check both my work and personal email without any problems, along with a bit of web surfing. I even managed to snag an electrical outlet so I can recharge my laptop.

Edit: My flight is now delayed until 15:05 Denver time. Yay.

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Anonymous said...

And Denver is in the US so they use a 12hour clock with AM/PM. Which means 15 hours never realy comes :)

Sjon Svenson