Monday, March 19, 2007

Ice Storm

Friday we had an ice storm like I haven't seen since the winter of '93 - '94. During the day we got a mix of freezing rain and sleet, and people starting leaving the office early to get home before it got too bad. I left at 4:00 to catch a 4:18 train, which should've gotten me in around 5:00. No such luck.

The train was a few minutes late to start, then was further delayed due to a problem with a switch. We finally got into Chestnut Hill (the end of the line where I get off) at about ten to six. There was already at least an inch of sleet on the ground.

Upon reaching my truck I found it frozen shut. I was able to get the driver's side rear door open then climb into the driver's seat and push the front door open from the inside. It took me about ten minutes to clear off glass enough so that it was safe to drive home. I have been using a generic knock-off of Rain-X wiper fluid, which makes it easier to clean snow and ice off the windshield. I took it slow on the drive home and made it home without problems.

Saturday when I went out to clean off the sidewalks and driveway, the now-compacted 3" layer of ice and sleet laughed at my snowblower. I had to break it up with a metal shovel first, then go over it with the blower. The next time we have a storm like this I'll go outside with the snowblower while it's still falling and clean off the loose stuff while I can.

Yesterday I bought a can of Dupont Silicone spray lube and applied it to the weather stripping on the doors of my truck, along with the metal surfaces they contact. Hopefully, that will take care of the freezing shut issue.

Three feet of snow would be preferable to this kind of storm.

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