Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday already?

Time sure flies.

Last Wednesday I finally got home at about 22:45. We didn't land in Philly until about 21:00, so by the time I got my bag, back to my truck, and drove home from the airport it was late.

Thursday I had a couple of meetings, and also built up a CentOS 4.4 Linux box to use as a secure file server for another department on an occasional basis. It's made from scrounged hardware and in fact, the first hard disk I had in it died just as I was about to say it's ready.

This past weekend there was a gun show in Valley Forge. It was absolutely mobbed. I suspect that a lot of people were there to buy stuff that the Dems want to ban, e.g., magazines and black rifles. I picked up a couple of USGI 30 round M1 Carbine mags, a t-shirt, a pair of Nomex pilot's gloves (good for shooting in) and a Czech surplus bread bag. The latter is a nice little canvas shoulder bag which is a good size for a day hike, a modern day possibles bag if you will. It had that "sat for a few decades in an Eastern Eurporean warehouse" smell, so I washed it in warm water with Oxyclean then set it out to dry. That didn't kill the smell entirely so last night I hit it with Febreeze. If it's stinky tonight I'll soak it overnight in water and Murphy's Oil Soap, then hang it outside for a day or two.

Unlike the last show I went to a few months ago, there was a good supply of 7.62x39 and 5.56mm ammo. The milsurps were mostly Mosin-Nagants with a few Mausers and Lee-Enfields thrown in. I don't recall seeing any Swiss rifles, though at least one vendor had 7.5mm GP-11 ammo.

Several dealers had Colt AR-15s, more than I can recall at most shows. In particular, several had the AR-15A2 Government Model carbines (A2 upper, telestock lightweight "pencil" barrel), one of which I want to get at some point.

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