Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hornet Follow Up

As it turns out, hornets are not covered by our contract with the exterminator. The call would've cost me about $100. To heck with that!

After getting home from the range and getting the guns inside (story for another thread) this afternoon, I ran out to Lowe's and bought two cans of Ortho Wasp and Hornet killer spray. The nasty foaming stuff.

At about 1700 hornet activity appeared to be low, so I hit the nest with a can. I was concerned that it wasn't getting fully saturated so I got out my pole saw and snipped the branch it was hanging from. As it dropped SPLAT! right into the puddle of Ortho that had dribbled off, I dropped the saw and ran like hell.

A few minutes later I snuck back into the yard, retrieved the spray, and emptied it onto the nest and a few hornets flitting around it.

A little while later I looked outside and saw a bunch of hornets hovering around where the nest used to be. Round two -- ON!

I emptied the second can onto the branches where I saw hornets resting or hovering around.

My backyard is now a chemical warfare zone.

Tomorrow I'll go check on the body count.


Anonymous said...

Want to eliminate those pesky wasp nests that are too high up to reach. See The Spray Close Spray Extender at Pro hardware, Meijer, or English Gardens. Also at E-Bay.

Anonymous said...

I found the Spray Close Spray Extender worked at Reaching Wasp Nests. Purchased at English Gardens in Ann Arbor Michigan.

JT Thomas said...

Extension Pole is the trick. Attach the Spray Close Spray Extender to an Extension Pole and save on chemicals. Any size Extension pole and Aerosol can will work. Aerosol paint, aerosol smoke detector test, aerosol window cleaner...etc.