Monday, July 16, 2007

New Boomstick - Stoeger Uplander

I had the hankering for a scattergun so yesterday I got a Stoeger Uplander 20 gauge SxS with 3" chambers and 26" barrels. It has extractors, no ejectors, double triggers. It was made in Brazil. The stock is some plain jane hardwood stock, and needs to be chopped so it fits me better, and have a recoil pad added. The barrels have IC and IM (between M and F) choke tubes. It swings pretty nicely and takes down into the barrels, forearm, and butt/receiver with the press of a lever. It's a bit stiff but I expect it to loosen up.

Even with the 26" tubes it's not too long. I might make it my primary HD gun if it patterns buckshot OK.

I mostly shoot rifles and pistols, but I've had a few shotguns over the years, e.g., a Winchester Defender 20 bore, a couple H&R Toppers in 20 and 12, a Norinco "Winchester" 1897 trench gun, and a Pedersoli percussion double 12. I had to sell the Pedersoli while short of cash about 10 years ago and it's one gun I've missed. I like side by sides and shot the Pedersoli better than my other shotguns. The Stoeger reminds me a bit of the Pedersoli, except for loading from the other end.

Along with the gun I got a 100 round value pack of Remington #8s and a 20 gauge Hoppe's Bore Snake.

After leaving Dick's I got her home and cleaned up. It came coated with brown preservative which cleaned up easily with some Ballistol, patches, and the range rod I use with my .69 caliber M1717 French musket. Being a smoothbore, when I shoot it I'll probably just run the Bore Snake with some Ballistol through the barrels a couple of times, wipe down the exterior, and call it good.

I hope to get it out next weekend.


Anonymous said...

why do you need a home defense gun seriously are you some kind of paranoid person jeeze

Dave Markowitz said...

Keeping a firearm for home defense is no more an indication of paranoia than keeping a fire extinguisher is an indication of pyrophobia.

Try this, do a Google search for "home invasion." It comes back with over 3.75 million hits.

Home burglaries happen and pretending they don't is pollyanish thinking.

If YOU don't feel comfortable with having a firearm for home defense nobody is forcing you to have one. But don't impute mental health issues to people who choose to take responsibility for their own safety.

Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.