Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Hit Counter

It appears that I'm able to enter a title for my posts once again.

Anyway, this morning I decided to migrate from Sitemeter to Statcounter for my hit counter. I've been using it on a couple of other sites and like it better. I prefer the interface and the format in which statistics are presented when I login to the account. Basic accounts with either are free so if you have a website and need a hit counter, it's worthwhile to look at both of them and choose the one you like best.


Ayush said...

I have been using , they offer a comprehensive visitor log for 1000 visitors, better than Statcounter.

Doom said...

Can you use two or more counters at a time on a single blog? I cannot seem to get sitemeter to ignore my logs. Perhaps when I have two browser pages open to my site, it confuses the lockout? Then again, I live in a large enough city that some could have found my place, though I do not write local topics, generally. And, would they all be from my isp? Boggles my mind. *sigh*