Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Parallels Desktop with Mac OS 10.4.10

I upgraded my MacBook Pro to OS 10.4.10 the other day and discovered today that .10 breaks USB support in Parallels Desktop for Mac 2.5. I was running PD Build 3188, apparently Build 3212 is also affected. I found this when I tried to use my Sprint Blackberry 8703e as an EVDO modem for wireless Internet access.

The symptom is an error message that appears when you connect a USB device, stating that the device is already in use by another application, to disconnect it and retry. Doing so does not get rid of the error.

Parallels has released a fix. You need to upgrade to Build 3124. To do so, either check for an update from within Parallels by going to the Help menu and using the update feature, or download the disk image HERE.

There is a thread on the Parallels discussion forums discussing the topic HERE.

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