Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mac OS 10.4.11 Update

For Mac users still running OS 10.4 Tiger, Apple released the latest major update, 10.4.11 yesterday.  It's a 128 MB download which according to Apple, includes security and compatibility updates.  It also includes Safari 3.0.4, which is now out of beta.

Before installing major OS X updates it's a good idea to fix disk permissions and verify your hard disk's file structure.  When I did so this morning I discovered that there was a minor problem with the volume header for my MacBook Pro's drive.  Since Disk Utility cannot fix volumes from which your machine is currently booted, I had to wait until I got home to boot the MBP from my OS X install CD1.  Once the OS X installer loads, you can then go into the Utilities menu and run Disk Utility to repair the disk.

Once finished with housekeeping I rebooted from the hard disk and ran the 10.4.11 update from the .dmg file I downloaded this afternoon.  Maybe it's an illusion, but the system seems a little snappier.

I'm experimenting with Safari 3.0.4.  It still doesn't work correctly with Blogger's post composition page.  E.g., if you try to paste text into the Compose box, the text appears on the page below the Publish Post and Save Now buttons.  On the other hand, it's fast.

I will post follow ups if I run into any issues related to the update.

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