Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some House Work

The latest projects we've undertaken around the house have been to put a new tile floor and toilet in our downstairs powder room, and completely remodel the second bathroom upstairs. We had hoped to put this off for a few more years but the sheetrock surrounding the tub upstairs finally completely gave way, so we had little choice.

We used our usual plumber as our contractor. He took care of our master bathroom when we got that redone in 2005, did a great job, so we didn't even consider anything else.

The powder room was finished about two weeks ago and the upstairs bathroom this week. As with the master bath, I handled painting. I hate painting but can do it pretty well, so doing it myself saved me a few hundred bucks. I painted the walls and ceiling before the fixtures were installed, which makes it a lot easier. Today I'm wrapping up by painting the door. As I write this I'm waiting for the primer coat to dry. I'll put on a coat of semigloss in about an hour or so.

The next big home project will be to have our driveway dug up and repaved. I am really hoping to wait a few years on that, however.

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