Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brother HL-2070N Printer Under Leopard

The primary printer I used at home is a Brother HL-2070N monochrome laser, which is connected directly to my LAN via Ethernet.  This setup has worked very smoothly for me since I got the printer last year.

I didn't notice it until this afternoon when I went to print for the first time since upgrading to OS 10.5, but the archive and install did not migrate over my printer settings.  So, I had to reinstall the Brother.

Only problem is that the Printer Setup utility didn't detect the Brother on my network, even after I installed the updated driver from the Leopard install disc and disabling my MacBook Pro's firewall.  Even though it's a Bonjour-enabled printer, it just didn't show up.

Luckily, the HL-2070N also supports the IPP printing protocol and can be printed to using CUPS.  So, I entered the IP address of the printer and selected the correct CUPS driver, and was now able to print.

This was a bit annoying but I was able to deal with it.  Most Mac users probably don't understand what IPP and CUPS are, so this might be a bit more of a challenge for them.  Also, if you need to use this workaround, I recommend configuring the printer with a static IP address.  Out of the box it's a DHCP client which means its IP can change, which would required you to reconfigure your Mac with the printer's new IP.


Anonymous said...

I have an annoying problem with a similar setup. It doesn't affect preformance, but the "Brother DeviceSelector" shows up after each login and requires me to at least cancel it. Did you manage to get this to go away or at least have the same problem?

Anonymous said...

I have a Brother HL 5140 printer connected to a usb port on a networked mac running OSX 10.4

I have printed from other macs on the network with no problem until I upgraded my laptop and iMac to 10.5. Now I can not find the Brother printer to install it as the default. The printer driver is supposed to be included in OSX 10.5, but does not work.

I do not know how to find the IP address of the printer , to try to enter it manually, and I don't know if it has an IP address since it is plugged in to a USB port.

Any suggestions?

Dave Markowitz said...

Since it's connected to a USB port your 5140 will not have an IP address. If the 5140 has an Ethernet interface try connecting it to your network, assigning an IP, and using IPP.