Sunday, December 16, 2007

Parallels 2.5 Build 3214 Under Leopard

This morning I decided I'd better verify that Parallels was still working, post-upgrade.  Good thing, too, because it wasn't.

When I clicked on the Parallels Desktop icon in my Dock, I got an error message indicating that it could not connect to one of its drivers, and should reinstall.

Build 3214 was still in my ~/downloads folder, so I reinstalled it which fixed the problem.  I verified I could open my XP virtual machines, and also that I was able to tether my Blackberry 8703e to the MacBook Pro for use as an EVDO modem, using Sprint's Windows-only connection manager software.

I still need to see if I'll be able to use my Keyspan USB-to-RS232 adapter in XP running in Parallels, which I have so that I can program my ham radios.

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Full-Auto said...

Why are you sticking with 2.5? I have 3.0 and really like the features and it appears, at least to me, to be more stable than 2.5.

I hear some people have stuck with 2.5 because they don't see the point in upgrading to 3.0. I guess I'm one of those guys that drives himself nuts until I get the latest versions of things. :D