Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my readers.  May 2008 bring you health, wealth, and happiness.

Today was the final day of my vacation.  I got the chance to sleep in a bit, spend time with family and friends, and do some shooting.  I managed to make it to the range on 12/24, 12/27, and 12/30.

On the 30th I participated in the "Red December" practical carbine match at Langhorne Rod and Gun Club.  The theme of the even was a Kalashnikov match.  A couple people showed up in Soviet regalia and a Russian-type lunch of kielbasa and borscht was provided.

The course of fire at the match was:
  • 10 shots in 5 double-taps at 25 yards.
  • 6 shots fired from 3 magazines with 2 rounds each, requiring two mag changes, at 25 yards.  This stage was timed.
  • 10 shots prone at 200 yards.
  • 15 shots, 5 each from standing, kneeling, and prone at 100 yards.
  • 15 shots, 5 per magazine requiring two mag changes, fired from the muddy 100 yard berm at targets posted at the 200 yard berm.
  • Prone 200 yard gongs, maximum of 10 shots to hit all three.
  • There was also a "casualty drag" and "Molotov cocktail throw" (water-filled soda bottles).  I didn't participate in this stage because I didn't want to throw out my back.
Results are posted here.  Pictures here.  I placed third amongst the Kalashnikov and SKS shooters, and was the top scoring iron sight shooter.  The guys who took first and second place with AKs both used magnified scopes.  Three AR-15 shooters using magnified optics also scored higher than I did.  Not bad for an "inaccurate AK" and iron sights, if I do say so myself.

I used my Arsenal SLR-101SG, which last week I fitted with an Ace side folding stock, and which has a Mojo peep rear sight.  The ammo I used was Golden Tiger 7.62x39, which shoot pretty well.  Of course, I had no malfunctions.

It was a lot of fun, more fun than I've had at the range in ages.  I hope to make future practical carbine matches at LRGC.

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Anonymous said...

Who said Kalashnikovs are innacurate? I used them exclusively during my military service, and I was surprised to see how accurate they are, even in the hands of a total noob. At least when well-maintained, anyway.