Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Pitfalls of Using Form Contracts Without Review by an Attorney

I've been posting again over at Keystone State Lawyer. My most recent post is Some Pitfalls of Using Form Contracts Without Review by an Attorney.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but as I recall a incident related on the Neal Boortz radio show, an accountant helped some old folks fill out a Government (State) Form. Lawyers had him arrested, his computer taken and he was prosecuted. There was no reguirement in law for a lawyer to be involved, but he was arrested anyway. Lost his business.

So there is a grave danger of arrest if you draw legal attention to filling out a form.

Then there are the "minimum billable hours" that an attorney must charge according to the local Bar Association to make sure they get their cut.

Best not to be in business at all or sooner or later the lawyers will steal everything you have.

Who has a VERY low opinion of lawyers, which is dropping quickly.

Dave Markowitz said...

I am not familiar with the incident on Boortz's show, but if the accountant was giving out legal advice, then he was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. That's as bad as a lawyer who's not an accountant giving accounting advice.

As for minimum billable hours required by a bar association: BULLSHIT. Many firms have minimum billable requirements, but no bar associations do.

Anonymous said...

Cross Reference: "Myths, Lies, and downright stupidity" by John Stossel, trade paperback, page 181. A different case I suspect, but telling. As for the Bar Associations, in Ohio, they publish a "suggested list of fees" and woe betide anyone charging less.

Who thinks we should set the fees of our public "officers of the court" at $50 an hour, or as much less as they care to charge, and increase the fee at the same level social security payments are increased annually.