Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cabela's Trip

This morning we all piled into the Expedition and went to Cabela's in Hamburg, PA.  I figured the girls would really like the various mounted animals and the aquariums, and I wasn't disappointed.

Not surprisingly for this time of year, the store was mobbed.  This in spite of the current down economy.  The crowd in the gun section was especially heavy, stacked two deep in front of the gun counter.  I expected this in light of last week's election results.  I restrained myself and only bought a bulk pack of 525 rounds of Federal .22 LR ammo for $14.99 and a large spray can of RemOil.  (I've come to like RemOil as a cleaner, but IMO it's too light for general lube or anti-corrosion protection.  It's especially handy for hosing out the innards of a dirty AR-15, and the smell isn't bad.)

Aside from the ammo and oil, we got the girls stuffed horses, Judith got some clothes, and I got a new cap to replace one I lost a couple weeks ago.

While there we had lunch.  I can recommend the venison bratwurst.  Yum.

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