Saturday, December 27, 2008

Red, White & Blue December at LRGC

Another great practical rifle match at Langhorne Rod & Gun Club today.  The theme today was Kalashnikovs.  Most participants shot one AK variant or another.  I saw a couple Bulgarian Arsenal AKs (including mine), several Yugos (fixed stocks, folders and RPKs), a Norinco underfolder, a custom AK-105 clone, and a Saiga converted into an AK-104 clone, and some Romanian rifles.  There were also a few AR-15s and one Chicom SKS which took AK magazines.  There were a few shooters in the "war horse" class, with Garands, an SVT-40, and one Swiss K-31 Schmidt-Rubin.

The course of fire included:
  1. From about 10 yards, 20 rounds in two double taps.  Then 3 magazines of 3, followed by a transition to pistol with 10 rounds.
  2. From 200 yards, 3 magazines of 10 from prone.
  3. From 100 yards, 3 magazines of 10 from standing, kneeling, and prone.
  4. From 100 yards, one mag with 30 rounds to get 9 hits on 3 steel targets.
Part of the crowd:


The firing line:


Some of the hardware:


As always, the crew at Langhorne put on a fun, safe shoot.

Edit:  I forgot to mention that I met Sebastian of Snowflakes In Hell.  He's posted his impressions of the event here, with some pics, including a couple of yours truly.


Sebastian said...

You forgot the shooting at steel phase from 200 yards.

Dave Markowitz said...

Yeah, I had a brain fart last night and couldn't remember what the 5th stage was.