Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've decided to refocus my blogging efforts on this site, rather than maintaining separate blogs for Survival & Emergency Preparedness and Obama.  Separating them was an interesting experiment, but it'll be easier for me to manage one site instead of multiple blogs.  I won't delete the other sites, but for the foreseeable future, topics which may have appeared on them will instead appear right here.


Anonymous said...

Dave, as a regular reader of this blog as well as your survivalist forum I see no down side to your refocusing and it actually makes it a little bit easier to keep up on both blogs. Some really great stuff here and I appreciate the efforts you have put forth, not bad for someone with a "Law Degree" ;-) Now about my comast throttling service? ;-) (just kidding.)

Steve Swickard
Living large in Colorado

Dave Markowitz said...

Thanks, Steve!

k31fan said...

Just want to say thanks for your blog. Blogostuff is bookmarked!