Monday, January 12, 2009

Replacing Rohan's Battery. Again.

A little while ago I got off the phone with Apple support.  Once again I am in need of a replacement battery for Rohan, my MacBook Pro.  Rohan's current battery is a replacement for the original one.  I got it last February.  According to the OS X System Profiler, it has a cycle count of only 35, and is in "Check Battery" condition.

The call to AppleCare was pretty painless.  Having gone through this before I had the System Profiler up before I dialed.  Once I gave the tech information about the current battery's state, he put it in for a return.

Last time I did this the replacement was sent to me overnight.  This time I was given a 7 to 10 business day time frame.  I let him know that I'm not happy about that but didn't make a stink.

While I had the AppleCare rep on the line I also told him that if Apple adopts the non-user replaceable battery model of the new 17" MBP for the 15" MBP or the MBs, I won't be buying one.  My G4 iBook's battery was recalled.  My MBP is now going to be getting its third battery.  If I need to replace the battery in my next laptop I do not want to have to schlep it to an Apple Store or ship it overnight somewhere, losing the use of my computer for however long it takes for Apple to repair it and return it to me.  Depriving a customer of the use of his laptop for something that should be user-replaceable is inexcusable.  If it comes to that, my next laptop will be either a Lenovo Thinkpad or Dell Latitude running Linux.

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