Thursday, June 04, 2009

This damn head cold is hanging on.  I did make it into the office today but wound up bailing out early at 15:00.  I did manage to get one of the SMC DOCSIS 3.0 commercial gateways provisioned and hooked up this morning to start evaluating.  It's currently connected in lieu of the SMC8014 which I've had at my desk since last year.

The SMC D3 gateway is physically larger than the 8014 and has four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports in place of the the Fast Ethernet ports of the older, D2 model.  The web GUI is the same custom one that SMC loads for us on the 8014, with the addition of 1000BaseT in the LAN switch config screen.  Some work was being done on our lab infrastructure today so I haven't been able to do serious performance comparisons yet.

I also reinstalled Virtualbox on Rohan, and installed Windows 7 RC into a VM.  With only a gig of RAM allocated to it it's a little pokey.  Changing to the Classic theme helped but it looks like 2 GB will be a realistic minimum to run W7.

After I got home I saw the UPS had dropped off the 2 GB stick of Crucial RAM I ordered through last week.  It's for Rohan, my MacBook Pro.  MBP's of Rohan's vintage accept a maximum of 3 GB of system RAM, I'd been running it with 2 GB.  (Current Apple laptops take up to 4 GB of RAM.)  With the goal of maximizing the machine's useful life I decided to max out the RAM.  I'm hoping it'll improve performance when running a virtual machine.

The next thing I may do to upgrade Rohan is a bigger hard disk.  It has the original 120 GB hard disk, which is on the small side.  With a larger disk I wouldn't mind allocating 20 or 30 GB to a Windows partition, for which I'm now lacking space.  Unfortunately, the pre-unibody MacBook Pros are not designed for easy hard disk replacements.  I'll basically have to take the thing apart, which based on the experience I had when upgrading the disk in my G4 iBook, will be a PITA.

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