Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who's Astroturfing?

I would like to see a documented case of opponents of Obamacare engaging in astroturfing.  The Obama administration and the leftist press are quick to slime their opponents as pawns of right wing interest groups or of the GOP.  Actually, the GOP lacks the ability to generate this kind of grassroots outrage.  But ramming socialism down the throat of the American public has resulted in many people gagging on it, and the outbursts we've seen in the past few weeks are the result of when you push people beyond a certain point.

In contrast to the inept/nonexistent grassroots by the Republicans, the Democrats are very good at rabble rousing.  Take this Craigslist ad for example:

Craigslist Ad for Agitators

(Click the pic for full size.)

That's a screen capture I took today of an ad placed on the Washington, DC Craiglist, titled, "DEFEND President Obama's Health Care Plan over August Recess! $500+/wk (Capitol Hill)." Link. (Which will probably expire sometime this month.)

Even better, the ad was placed by The Fund for Public Interest, a non-profit to which various left-wing causes  outsource their fundraising.  The FFPI has a bad history of poorly treating their workers.  Link 1Link 2. Link 3.

Isn't exploiting the workers a tactic of the capitalist bourgeousie? {/sarcasm}

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