Friday, September 11, 2009

Snow Leopard Impressions

Now that I've been using Snow Leopard for a few days I have some impressions to share.


Boots fast.

Applications run faster.

More free disk space.  Snow Leopard is smaller BUT it also changes the way it calculates used and free disk space.  Under Leopard Finder showed there being about 322 GB free.  Under Snow Leopard it's about 353 GB free.

Updated Expose is nicer in that it aligns the small windows to grid.  Also, clicking and holding on an open application's dock icon pops up small windows for each running instance.  (Similar to Windows 7.)

AddressBook now syncs with Gmail Contacts, even if you don't have an iPhone.
AirPort drop down menu now has signal strength indicators.


The Apple server administration utilities were wiped out by the upgrade.

Still waiting for Letterbox extension for to be made compatible.  Letterbox allows viewing of the mailbox list, message list, and preview pane side by side.  Apple should incorporate this functionality into Mail.

Had to re-setup Bluetooth pairing with my Blackberry 8330.

Had to reconfigure Bluetooth Dialup Networking (DUN) with my Blackberry.  In the Advanced properties of the Bluetooth connection, had to set up the Modem as Generic Dialup Device.

In Mail, Apple changed the keyboard shortcut to empty the Trash from CMD-K to SHIFT-CMD-BACKSPACE.

The polls on do not work in Safari 4.0.3.  The boxes to select an option do not appear.  Oh well, back to Firefox.

Snow Leopard ships with a version of the Adobe Flash Player which has vulnerabilities.  You need to go to to get the most current patched version.   


My exployer hopes to migrate to Exchange 2007 by the end of 2009.  Until then I will not be able to try the Exchange integration in Mail, iCal, and AddressBook.  I'd like to dump Entourage if it works well.

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