Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grumble, grumble

The weather for the past few days here in the Philadelphia area has been pretty crappy.  Rain, fog, some wind, but not too cold.  This morning as I was driving my daughters to preschool care I passed the bus stopfor the middle schoolers at the end of my street.  There were only about 1/3rd the regular number of kids standing on the corner.   The rest of them were waiting for their parents in their SUVs.


When I was in junior high I waited out for the bus no matter what the weather was.  In high school I walked to school in the rain or snow.  We had these things called RAINCOATS and UMBRELLAS.  We even had WINTER COATS.  We got to experience being cold and wet.  It made us appreciate being warm and dry.  It also made us more capable of dealing with adverse circumstances.

Nowadays, it's the end of the world if Junior gets wet or has to shiver a bit.  No wonder we're turning into a nation of pussies.



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