Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts on the State of the Republic

I had a couple of interesting conversations with coworkers over the past two days regarding the state of the Republic.

The first was with a moderate who leans a bit to the left, and who voted for Obama.  Quoting him, "I have lost all faith in government."  This is largely due to the partisan politics in D.C. and the way that the Democrats aren't behaving any better than the Republicans were (in his view) when they were in power.

The second was with moderate coworker who maybe leans a little to the right (I don't know if he voted for McCain or Obama).  I have a TV at my desk playing Fox News (yes, it's work related).  There was an onscreen blurb about how the Democrats were meeting behind closed doors yet again about the healthcare bill.  "I thought one of Obama's key points during the campaign was transparency," he said.  He also offered the opinion that the politicians will never do anything to make things better.  On top of that, he feels that until someone finally gets fed up enough to start shooting politicians, things won't improve.  Yes, this was a politically moderate, educated man saying that the only possible solution to our political ills is armed insurrection.

Bottom line:

If generally politically moderate Americans are saying this kind of stuff aloud (especially number 2 above), we are in really bad shape and in for some rough times ahead.  If the Democrats keep pushing an agenda which is diametrically opposed to what the American people want, the people will decide that the government isn't legitimate.  At that point all bets are off.

I pray that the Democrats in D.C. are unable to move forward with their agenda until November.  Hopefully they will then take a drubbing even worse than they did in 1994, and then don't ram something down our throats during a lame duck session.


Mo said...

Scary times for sure. Makes me wonder what is in the air there in DC that turns everyone into a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

These anti obama shirts sum up my thoughts of the way things are.

Anonymous said...

I've already told my Congresscritters that if they stick "healthcare" down my throat, I'll stick it up their asses come election time.


Anonymous said...

The latest insult to the health (pun not intended) of our Republic (or former Republic) to come from the Dems is the "Slaughter Rule," named after the Dem chairperson of the House Rules Committee, who seems to think that it is just fine to have the Speaker "deem" that the House adopted the Senate healthcare bill. "Deem," as in "we don't need to actually, you know, VOTE to approve a bill. What are we, a bunch of rabid, right-wing dead white guys?"

To pass healthcare over the opposition of so much of the populace, with all of its practical and constitutional problems would be bad enough (and, by itself, probably cause the Dems to lose at least 70 seats). To do it without even voting would send people into the streets. Armed people.