Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Window War Just Got Hotter

And this time, it looks like the left is kicking it up a notch.

Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor said Thursday that his Richmond campaign office has been shot at and that he's received "threatening e-mails"....

Cantor said "a bullet was shot through the window" of his campaign office. The incident happened Monday, Fox News has learned, the latest in a rash of apparent threats and acts of intimidation against members of Congress.


Cantor is a Republican, the House Minority Whip.

Most political violence in the US has historically come from the left.  E.g., the Black Panthers, SDS, and the Weather Underground. 

Most people on the conservative side of the aisle just want to be left alone to go on with their lives and to keep the fruits of their labor.   It's the leftists who want to seize property of the productive class in some misguided attempt at redistributive justice.  You can only push people too far before they snap.  If the progressives keep this up -- and I see no indication that they are backing off -- they will experience backlash greater than they can imagine.


Anonymous said...

The left has been pushing the right for too many years, so the left shouldn't act too surprised when the push-back comes. The left has sown the wind; they will reap the whirlwind!


Anonymous said...

Really Most violence comes from the left? İ think the Left and the Right are about even.

Dave Markowitz said...

Look at all the domestic violence from the left in the 1960s and 70s from groups like the SDS and Weatherman. Or, more recently, how about the ALF and ELF?

And outside of the US far more people have been killed by leftists of the socialist, communist, and Nazi flavor than by those on the right.

gabriel phillips said...

A good source of information. Something for everyone!

sswickard said...

Historically hate groups such as the KKK, Black Panthers and similar have all been on the left side of the political spectrum. The left tries to pen acts of violence and terrorism on the far right but in reality it is the left side that has all the wacko's and hate groups.
The democrats were hijacked by the socialist/communist many decades ago and continue to be influenced and controlled by these groups.

Great Post as usual David, hope to see return to this blog soon. Thanks

Steve Swickard
(out in Colorado)

Dave Markowitz said...

Thanks Steve. I've been a bit preoccupied lately. Posting should resume shortly.