Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rooted my Droid

On Sunday I took the jump and rooted my Droid phone.  "Rooting" a smartphone gets you administrative access to the device, which in turn allows you to do some neat things like
  • Make a backup image of the ROM's filesystem to the SD card.
  • Run applications that allow you to do things not enabled by default, such as turning your phone into a WiFi hotspot.
  • Run alternative ROMs.
To root the Droid, I followed the instructions found here.   One of the first things I did after rooting was to install ROM Manager, and make a backup of my existing setup to my SD card.  I then installed the Astro File Manager and had it make a backup of all the apps I had installed.  With that done I went into ROM Manager and used it to download and install the Bugless Beast ROM.  Per the instructions I allowed it to wipe the data cache, which also has the effect of removing all the apps you've installed.  One feature of Bugless Beast that I like is that it will automatically restore your applications from some backup formats, including Astro File Manager's.

I've been running Bugless Beast now for a couple days and so far, so good.  By default it overclocks the Droid's CPU to 800 MHz.  This made the phone feel a bit warm so I set it back to the standard 600 MHz.  At some point I may try CyanogenMod or other ROMs.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

According to Leftists ...

... this graphic from the Democratic Leadership Council is perfectly acceptable political discourse:

... but this is  unacceptable, inflammatory rhetoric:

I guess it's OK as long as Democrats are doing it.  Hypocrisy?  Naaaah.

More Lies From the Mainstream Media

The blood of the victims of yesterday's shootings in Arizona was hardly dry before lefty pundits started accusing Jared Loughner of being a right-wing nut, and blaming Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for a creating a climate where such an act was inevitable.  And viewing the comments on various news stories shows that these pundits do indeed have an audience willing to lap up their drivel.  But jumping to such conclusions only makes you look like an idiot.

It turns out that Loughner shows many of the signs of paranoid schizophrenia, and has been described by at least one former classmate as a "left-wing radical."  LEFT-WING.  Loughner's list of favorite books on his YouTube page reflect his schizophrenia, including works from Ayn Rand (an odd choice for him), George Orwell (a socialist), Hitler's Mein Kampf (National SOCIALIST), and The Communist Manifesto.  What Tea Partier would include that?


Unfortunately, Loughner is only the latest in a long line of left-wing crazies to perpetrate violent acts.  For example:

* The riots in 1968 at the Chicago Democratic Convention
* The Symbionese Liberation Army
* The Weather Underground
* The Animal Liberation Front
* The Earth Liberation Front
* The Unabomber
* The guy who flew his plane into an IRS building last year
* The Black Panthers and the New Black Panthers

And that's only examples from the USA.  If you look beyond our borders it's clear that it's been the LEFT who has committed more murders to advance their agenda than any others in history.  Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot were all left-wingers.  And so was Hitler ("NAZI" is an abbreviation for National SOCIALISM.) How many millions did they murder?

The mainstream media likes to gloss over these acts because in some degree, they view the perps as being on the same side.  After all, members of the MSM overwhelmingly identify themselves as left-wing Democrats.  Every time the MSM puts blame for left-wing violence on the right, they are not only covering for their buddies, they are committing libel.  It's disgusting.

Thank God we have the Internet today to challenge and expose the MSM's lies.