Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"Occupy Philadelphia" Occupies the Comcast Center

Today the "Occupy Philadelphia"commies decided to try to occupy the Comcast Center at 1701 JFK Blvd. in Philadelphia. It's the tallest building in Philly, and probably the largest symbol of "evil greedy corporations" in the city.

A coworker of mine got caught up when they tried to bum rush the building. He's fine but a few of them managed to get in before building security and police blocked the doors.

They are shown in the pics below sitting on the floor up against the glass wall. Police and security are now preventing anyone without an employee ID from entering.

As of 14:00, we can still get out of the building via the underground concourse to Suburban Station, and via the Arch St. exit.

Click the pictures to view them larger.

Oh, by the way, I asked my coworker and he said they smelled pretty bad.

Edit 11/2/11: Welcome to the many new readers who've come here from Arfcom,, and elsewhere! Please take a look around and read awhile.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh! This is getting ridiculous. I didn't care for the protests in the 60s and they had more valid reasons. I hope you continue to be able to come and go without being harassed.

Dave Markowitz said...

Thanks, S. they didn't bother us today.