Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chinese Horsebow, Part 2

I was able to shoot the Chinese horsebow again yesterday. I used the same arrows but this time was at a friend’s house, and his “yard” is about 8 acres, so we were able to shoot at about 28 yards. I am even more impressed with the bow now. We put about 50 shots through it at his crossbow target that’s about 3 feet square.

Twenty eight yards is further than I’ve shot a bow in over a decade, and I was able to keep about 2/3 of my shots on the target. The bow shoots very flat out to that range and hit with a pretty authoritative thump. Arrows which missed the target but hit the ground next to it skidded 10 yards or more up the hill behind it.

If I get to 1,000 shots with the bow without it showing any damage, I’m going to consider it to be a heck of a bargain.

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Anonymous said...

I see that your post was a fair while ago. I came across it using google to look for someones review of the Chinese bows on eBay. I've clicked my way through the rest of your blog but wasn't able to find an update on how the bow ended up lasting.

Any more that you could care to write about it would be appreciated!


I'll check back regularly for a reply :)