Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Progressive Tolerance

I thought it was the conservatives and libertarian gun owners who are supposed to be the dangerous one. Check out what the d-bag Bill Palmer at BeatWeek tweeted to a fellow Arfcommer:

When called on it, Palmer deleted the tweet, but as you can see, once it’s on the Internet, it’s forever.


Anonymous said...

The irony is, how will the non-gun-owners actually shoot the gun-owners?

Ah, if I could actually meet that d-bag who tweeted that. I would say, go ahead and try to shoot me. YOU try to do it, don't try to send some jack-booted thugs to do it.


Dave Markowitz said...

History has shown that leftists of all striped have no problem sending hired men with guns to take care of their opponents. They outsource their dirty work.

Anonymous said...

But the lefties will run out of willing volunteers this time. I've heard many cops say they would refuse an order to round up guns and gun owners, as they know it would be a suicide mission.

And regarding New York state (with a legislature full of douchebags).... When you make many otherwise law-abiding persons felons merely because they own a now "forbidden" gun, they won't be any more of a felon if they use such guns to "take out the trash" that passed such a tyrannical law, eh?

Sadly, since the lefties show no signs of backing down, we are sure as Hell headed for a shooting war. They (or at least the lefties who may possibly survive) will regret starting it, one can hope.


Dave Markowitz said...

"Sadly, since the lefties show no signs of backing down, we are sure as Hell headed for a shooting war."

You may be right. I am hearing and reading a lot more along those lines, from people I wouldn't expect.

It's looking more like 1860 every day.

rgranger said...

They are taking away the rules and laws that we all agreed to follow, those based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Next they take away our Bible, Morals and wages - WTF else is there to do but fight back. I told a liberal friend once, "When you take away everything that I have worked for and I no longer have any faith in the law, what is to stop my from shooting you right where you stand?" He didn't much like that question...and it was just a question!