Saturday, March 02, 2013

Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays

This morning I went up to Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays with a group of friends . We shot a round of 50, plus a few extra targets. A large part of the course passes by some old factory ruins and a couple quarries in the woods, which gave it a real post-apocalyptic look. It would be an awesome place for a zombie shoot or a paintball game.

I put some pics up on Facebook but here's a public link, so you should be able to see them even if you're not logged in.

I shot really well for me today -- 38 out of 55 targets. I used my old Remington 870 shooting Winchester extra-lite target loads with 1 oz. of #8s at about 1130 FPS. These kick a little less than 1-1/8 oz. loads.

Previously I’ve used a modified choke but based on some online research into the best degree of choke for sporting clays, I switched to an improved cylinder choke tube. It made a huge difference. Based on my past shotgunning, I figure that I hit about twice as many clays today as I would have with the modified tube. Unfortunately I could not find my extra choke tubes this week so I had to borrow the IC tube from a friend at work. I need to order a replacement for $20 or so.

The cost at LVSC was reasonable. We split the cost of two gold carts between 5 guys, so overall it was $40 plus about $15 for ammo (which I brought with me). The facilities are very nice and they even had a warm-up hut about half way through the course, stocked with a propane heater, coffee, and tea.

LVSC is about 45 minutes from me and we plan to go back, but will wait until it’s warmer.

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