Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marschal Grips for my Polish Tokarev

There was a package from Magyar Post awaiting me when I got home, the wraparound Marschal grips I ordered last month for my Polish Tokarev. They are designed to duplicate the wraparound grips put on the Hungarian made Tokagypt variant of the TT-33, and also seen on some Chicom production Toks. In fact, before buying the Marschals I first looked for Tokagypt grips or the Chinese copies, but couldn't find any online.

Since the ones I got were built for a Norinco Tok, I had to relieve some of the left panel to accommodate the safety that Century added to my gun. (Tokarevs were not originally made with a manual safety. One needed to be added so that they could be sold as surplus in this country.)

The Marschal grips are nicely finished. They greatly improve the feel of the piece. With the original grips it feels like you're holding a machinist's square, causing it to point low. With the new grips the pistol points more naturally. There is a gap between the panels of about 1/10" in the back. Since they were made for a Chinese gun and mine is Polish, I'm not complaining.

It still fits in the original military full flap holster with the larger grips.

At some point I'll touch up the left panel where I had to sand it but I wanted to try them out tonight. Here’s what it looks like:



In contrast, here’s what it looked like with the original grips. Note the grip angle.


The Tokarev shoots 7.62x25, which is a hot little round.  It pushes an 85 grain bullet at 1300 to 1500 FPS, depending on who made the ammo. FMJ will penetrate most soft body armor. Recoil is moderate, about like a 9mm, but muzzle blast is much sharper.

I may not get to shoot the pistol with the new grips until next month, but I am really looking forward to it.

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