Saturday, March 07, 2015

Saturday Night Range Time

Tonight I went to the range with my dad. I brought along my Beretta 71 .22 and my Browning High Power Practical. I got the chance to try a couple Triple K brand mags in the Beretta. They feed fine but don't hold the slide open after the last round. Considering that OEM Beretta 71 mags are basically unobtanium, I won't complain. The Beretta functioned well with both Federal Automatch and Champion HV Match ammo.

Out of curiousity I ran a couple magazines full of CCI Quiet .22 LR through the Beretta, but had to rack the slide between shots. The CCI Quiet ammo is a 40 grain LRN at only 710 FPS, so I'm not surprised nor disappointed that it didn't cycle. From a rifle length barrel it sounds like an airgun and can be shot without hearing protection.

As always, the BHP ran like a top. If I could have only one semiauto pistol, it would be the one. I shot a mix of PMC and Herter's (made by Sellier & Bellot) 115 grain FMJ though the Browning.

Dad brought a couple recent acquisitions, a Gen 4 Glock 17 and an HK VP-9. The VP-9 is HK's entry in the striker-fired Glock-like pistol realm, and it's a decent gun. However, while it feels good in the hand my reaction when actually shooting it was "meh." The trigger is spongy and I found it top heavy. OTH, accuracy was very good and I actually got better groups with it tonight than my BHP.

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