Monday, November 30, 2015

More Archery

I was able to get some shooting with my Mongol bow in every day over my Thanksgiving break. Yesterday I took my daughters out to a friend's place to shoot our bows. My friend and I did a little walking around and decided to take a few shots from about 12 - 15 yards at the woodpile he has out near his fire pit.

The arrows from his 38 pound target bow just bounced off the wood. That was not the case with the arrows shot from my 50 pound bow.

The one on the left buried itself pretty well, while the one on the right slid between a couple logs, blew through a half-rotten log about 3" in diameter, and then stuck in another log behind it. Thankfully, I was able to wiggle both out fairly easily and neither was damaged.

This bow continues to impress me as a great value, as do the bamboo arrows. With the string silencers I installed over the weekend, the bow is very quiet and still shoots fast. The bamboo arrows fly well and are rugged. I put them into the dirt several times yesterday but they remain in good condition. I have another dozen on order. Eventually, I'd like to build some with proper hunting broad heads.

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