Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saturday Night Range Report

I hit the range last night with my dad, and got to put some rounds downrange through my S&W M&P Shield 9 and CZ P-09.

I was testing two new magazines for the Shield and one of them needs some work. It's an eight round magazine but even with the aid of an UpLULA, I can only load six into it. I'm hoping it's just a burr causing the follower to hang up.

The CZ just worked, as usual, shooting a mix of American Eagle 147 grain FMJ-FP and Herters (Sellier & Bellot) 115 grain FMJ. I have about 500 rounds through it so far with zero issues. Since it's a full sized 9mm with a low bore axis the recoil and muzzle flip is very mild. Recoil with the 147 grain loads feels like you're shooting a K-Frame .38.

Dad brought a new-to-him Beretta PX-4 Storm in 9mm and his S&W M&P 22 in .22 LR. I shot the latter and liked it a lot. The trigger was good and even for a .22, recoil is mild and muzzle flip is minimal.

The PX4 Storm is an interesting design. Rather than using the common tilting barrel lockup, it has a rotating barrel. Dad put the first 50 shots through it  into 1 ragged hole at 7 yards with no malfunctions. I didn't get to shoot the Storm but it feels good in my hands. The DA pull is long and not especially smooth but the pistol appears to have been hardly shot.

For me, though, the highlight of the night was getting to put a magazine through another shooter's S&W Model 52-2. The Model 52 was a specialized semiautomatic target pistol chambered for .38 Special cartridges with flush-seated wadcutter loads, intended for bullseye shooting.  Not only had I never handled a Model 52 before, I don't recall ever seeing one in person. The sights are excellent, the trigger was fantastic, and recoil with the .38 midrange loads felt like a .22. S&W made the Model 52 from 1961 up until 1992, when the machinery needed replacement but they deemed it too expensive to do so.

Afterwards, we capped off the night back at Dad's house with a bit of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbon.

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