Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stupid Soft Uberti Screws

Uberti builds beautiful firearms but they use screws with the same hardness as used chewing gum, and then have some gorilla crank them down. I want to be able to shoot black powder loads in my Uberti 1873 Sporting Rifle so I need to be able to access the inside of the receiver.

After a week and a half soaking in Kroil, and the application of heat with a soldering iron and then with a torch, I still couldn't budge the sideplate screw. The more I tried the more the head got boogered. Yes, I used properly fitting hollow ground screwdrivers.

So, I drilled out both ends with my mill and used a screw extractor held in a tap wrench to remove it. I replaced it with a properly hardened screw and put anti-sieze on the threads.

What a PITA.

I installed a properly hardened replacement from VTI Gun Parts and made sure to put a little SuperLube grease on the threads as an anti-sieze. I actually bought a complete set of replacement screws but I'm haven't replaced the rest of them yet. The factory screws have a nice, deep blue while the replacements are matte. I'll replace them as needed. In the meantime I have applied Kroil to all of them.

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jon spencer said...

Kroil is a very good penetration oil, another thing that you might want to try is beeswax.
You warm the part up with a blow dryer and melt the beeswax on (and into if you can) the part that you want to loosen.
Then let it sit overnight in a warm spot. Then try to loosen.
If it is still being stubborn.
Then with a screwdriver that does not have a handle, repeatedly tap the end of the screwdriver straight down very lightly (for small connectors) with a small hammer for ten or fifteen taps. Remember, very light hits.