Monday, April 11, 2016

Using 19th Century Reloading Tools

As mentioned in previous posts, I picked up a couple 19th Century reloading tools to load ammunition for my .44-40 WCF Cimarron Firearms Uberti 1873 Sporting Rifle. Tonight I gave them their first use in my hands by priming 50 cases. I primed 25 each in the Ideal Number 6 and the Winchester Model 1882. The cases were new Starlines which I'd previously belled the case mouths on my Lee Classic Turret press.

The first tool I used was the Ideal. Here's a case just after priming.

And here's a similar shot of the Winchester. (The gray color of the tool is due to an overnight soak in Evap-O-Rust, to remove a century-plus of surface rust and crud. Originally it was blued.)

This one shows how a small rod is used to press the primer into its pocket. The Ideal seats primers in the same way.

There wasn't much difference between the tools. The Ideal is a little heavier because it has a built-in bullet mold. Both give you a good feel of how the primer is being seated.

I didn't time myself but it probably took about 20 - 30 minutes to prime 50 cases.

Now I need to cast some bullets using the original molds and load up some more black powder cartridges.


keith pennock said...

This is cool. I'll definitely be following your progress, Where did you find them. Do you know if these were ever made for 38 special?

Dave Markowitz said...

I found the Winchester tool set on eBay. I found the Ideal Number 6 at a gun show.

I don't know if Winchester ever made reloading tools for .38 Special. The Ideal tool was made for it, however, and it's descendant, the Lyman 310 tool remains available new.

Dean Weingarten said...

I started loading for a .300 savage with a 310 tool. My next step was a Herter's knock off of the Lee Loader for 20 gauge.

The 310 works well, but will not do case resizing.