Sunday, May 01, 2016

Ordered an Accurate Molds 43-215C

Today I ordered a custom bullet mold from Accurate Molds, the 43-215C. It will be a dual cavity aluminum mold that I specced to drop bullets at .430" +/- 0.002", when using 1:20 tin:lead alloy.

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This bullet was designed specifically to carry enough lubricant so that when fired in a 24" barrel and propelled by Goex black powder, the rifle doesn't "foul out." I.e., it won't develop an accuracy destroying ring of fouling for a few inches back from the muzzle.

Bullets of the original design, such as those cast in my original Winchester mold, or the similar Lyman 427098 carry enough lube for use with Swiss black powder, but not the dirtier burning Goex. Since I have plenty of Goex, I wanted a mold to cast bullets useful with it.

Accurate Molds bores their bullet molds on a CNC lathe and from what I've read over on Castboolits, they are very nice. Mold handles aren't included so I'll need to order a set. I'm expecting about a three week turnaround for the mold.


B said...

Y'know, if you put a piece of paper (yes, paper) at the base of the bullet when assembling, you'll have little to no leading with or without lube.

Srsly. A wad of paper or a circle of cardboard under the bullet will stop nearly all the leading.

If you have room in the case, you can get the same effect with round weatherstripping cut in 1/4 or 1/8 inch sections.

Email me if you have questions

Dave Markowitz said...

I haven't seen any leading so far, just lots of black powder fouling when using Goex black powder.