Thursday, January 03, 2019

Stolen Winchester 1892

(Post has been edited for clarification.)

Please be on the lookout for a stolen Winchester 1892 Sporting Rifle, serial number 100156, caliber .38 WCF.

I shipped the rifle on 12/21/18 via UPS Ground insured, from Plymouth Meeting, PA to Taylor Machine in Puyallup, WA for gunsmithing work.

On 1/3/19 John Taylor called to inform that all he received was an empty box with some bubble wrap in it. UPS confirmed delivery of the package.

I do not suspect Mr. Taylor. He has an excellent reputation.

Full details of the rifle:

Type: Lever action rifle
Make: Winchester
Model: 1892
Serial number: 100156
Barrel length: 24 inches
Caliber: .38 WCF AKA 38-40 Win
Finish: Metal has turned brown. Buttstock and forend are brown walnut wood.

The rifle is an antique manufactured in 1898 per the factory letter that I got from the Buffalo Bill Center of the Wild West.

Pictures of the stolen rifle are at my blog:

Any help in recovery will be appreciated.

Pictures of the stolen rifle (click for full sized):


Jerry The Geek said...

You have my most profound sympathy.

I can only imagine the sense loss you must feel.

Hope you get it back; the scoundrels who stole it probably don't understand why it's important to you.

I have my family model 94, handed down to me with a pack of hunting stories from my father who told how he killed his first dear with it during the Depression; the range got farther, the deer bigger, with each telling.

I told my son that he would receive the Family Winchester when I die, with the caveat that it must never leave the family.


Dave Markowitz said...

Thanks, Jerry.

Anonymous said...

You left out some important details.
How did you ship it? UPS? FEDEX?
Insured? Overnight?
It might be helpful to have the company receiving complaints or losing business
over this incident to give them an incentive to clean up their act.

Dave Markowitz said...

It was sent via UPS Ground, insured.

Susan said...

Dave, this is awful. If it was someone who knows nothing except 'It's a gun', it won't be cared for and treated with respect. It may even wind up in a dumpster when it doesn't perform as they expect. I'm so terribly sorry to read this. It looks like a sweet little lady at it's advanced age! A piece of history. I hope it can be tracked back and found somewhere, somehow.